First Blog Post: Welcome!

Welcome to Flying Knee Mixed Martial Arts. This student run blog site is the first of its kid to offer fan perspective on the hottest topics in the sport. With weekly fan predictions, fan rankings, and opinion posts, this site is sure to quench the non professional side of MMA Journalists. New segments will pop up all the time, until this site thrives with daily content.

Some of the content coming to the site in 2017:


The Flying Knee Podcast

Predictions and Breakdowns

5 Rounds weekly news roundup

Top Ten Lists

Opinionated posts

Me and my cousin Ronnie at UFC 205 in New York, Taken by me.

Cultural Purpose: In 2016 I attended my first big MMA show, UFC 205. Aside from the grandeur of the fights, and the experiences surrounding them, I observed how MMA Media worked for the first time. Watching legends like Michael Bisping and Dominick Cruz work the Fox Sports desk, and seeing journalists like Ariel Helwani interview talent, I gained new respect for the industry. This trip also triggered something inside of me which set me on a journey to work in MMA media as a profession. The purpose of this website is two fold. First, as a required element for a class at Rutgers University, but also as a jump off point for a career in Mixed Martial Arts. Five, or ten, or fifteen years from now this website and this post will still be around to look back, archiving the humble beginnings of my career in MMA.

Photo borrowed from Sherdog: the UFC Championship Belt

Technical production processes: Technically speaking, this website will be easy to maintain for the time being. Using the WordPress editing tools I can easily maintain an active site. Also, having the other members of the Strategic Presentations website as editing tools will (hopefully) keep me updated on any drastic issues.


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