Creating a Header

Technically speaking, to create my header, I took a photo of my own, and superimposed a sample logo from online. To emphasize the logo, and make the sight a bit easier to read overall, I layered in a grey and white gradient. I feel that this makes the header and the sight as a whole complete. To replace the photo I was using as a featured imaged, I re-purposed a picture of the UFC heavyweight championship belt from Sherdog.Com. This will serve as a welcome image until further notice. I feel these changes bring the spirit of MMA into clearer field of view, with the sports prized possession front and center.

Taking this site from an idea to reality has come with a number of new processes, and creating a header was no different. With no experience in photo editing, I took this challenge in stride, but there were a few obstacles in my path. Previously, I had a great photo sitting as a backdrop to my welcome message. The picture (seen below) was one that I had taken from my seat at UFC 205 in New York City.

My view from UFC 205

I knew I wanted this framing of the Octagon to sit as a centerpiece on this website. When presented with the task of creating a header, I considered putting a logo directly over top, but this did not look professional. After toying with the Pixlr editing suite for about an hour I was able to teach myself how to use the software in a way that I could easily construct an effective graphic. For what it’s worth, Pixlr is a decent tool to quickly mock photos together. After using it I sit here kicking myself for not having any experience in Photoshop. Even knowing how to make a transparent in Photoshop would have made my life a whole lot easier. Eventually I was able to use the editing site to its full potential, and I am happy with the header at the front of my website.


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