Screen Cast Review: MMA Media Sites

Whats up MMA Fans! This week on the blog I was introduced to Screen-Casting, which I’ve used to make a quick video about two of my favorite MMA media websites. In this clip I brake down some of the components behind and that establish them as some of the best MMA sites on the web.

As last week was my first time pod-casting, it is only fair that this week I did my first screen cast. I found the software behind the screen cast incredibly easy to use. because of this ease of use I decided to go one step further and do some minor editing to the video. It may be hard to tell but there are a number of audio and video edits to make this video as clean as possible. Also, I added the same music backtrack that I used for my pod cast behind my commentary. I felt these changes made my screen cast go above and beyond the call of duty.

As far as the websites go, I chose the official UFC website, and The former is a great basic source for news because it has the fastest access to news concerning the UFC. I also enjoy the fighter ranking page, and the upcoming events graphic.

The latter is a great third party source for unbiased stories with real detail. The difference between the two is that the latter has no objection. has to look out for the reputation of the company, while MMAFighting does not.

I enjoy using these sites to compare news angles on stories that I otherwise would not get a full scoop on. I aspire to one day have a MMA news site as reliable as either of these sources.

This YouTube channel will host a number of things, from ScreenCasts, to podcast videos, to hopefully one day interviews and other ventures.


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