Comparing Live Streams

In this week’s entry I wanted to take a look at some of the different sources of MMA live media online this week. On Tuesday, Bellator hosted the press conference for their June 24th event on pay per view. Both the Bellator YouTube channel, and the YouTube page posted live video, both of which are included below.

Above: Bellator’s official stream Below: MMA’s live stream

These two streams both contain the same content, but are conveyed in different ways. For starters, the MMA Fighting stream started at a much more opportune time. Bellator’s stream had a long period of filler at the front of it. You can tell the efficiency just by the time stamps, with the MMA Fighting stream coming in over ten minutes shorter. I also noticed that the MMA Fighting stream had better audio for some reason. The one thing the official stream had an advantage over was camera angles. It appeared as if Bellator had at least a four camera set up, while MMA Fighting had but one camera.

This differences are noteworthy as sports move with other television properties closer and closer to online streaming. Figuring out how to stream now will become vital for production companies years down the road. It is great to see MMA Media producers investing in new technology like live streaming. This is a great look for the future of the industry.



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