Update on our Collaboration

Whats up fight fans!

As many of you may know with I am getting ready for an exciting project with Casey Murphy of Women’s Soccer Around the World, Danielle Keller of Fitness & Lifestyle, and Elizabeth Cerreto All Things Cheer. Together, we will use our background on sports to collaborate on posts promoting the Athletes Helping Athletes foundation.team-1928848_1920                                       Pixabay User: ChrisReadingFoto CC0 Public Domain

Since we last spoke, the team and I have been hard at work coming up with a plan for success. Through a series of four audio and video posts, will we each share stories from our respective markets in the lens of the Athletes Helping Athletes foundation. As part of the collaboration I will be posting on Casey Murphy’s Women’s Soccer Around the World, and Elizabeth Cerreto of All Things Cheer will be posting here on FKMMA. I know this may seem shocking to some of you, but I trust Elizabeth to bring content that will be relevant to the MMA community. I will also be posting a copy of my guest post here at home, so you will not have to deal with any FOMO.

Thus far we have completed a few major milestones, first in coming together to make a plan, and also in creating a ten page draft for our final effort. As people in all fields will know, working in virtual teams can be very stressful, so for us to get both of these assignments in on time is astounding. For the most part everyone pulled their weight, so thus far no one has been buried with the burden of too much work. I look forward to reaching our next milestones, which include revising our final effort s a group, and creating guest post that actually mean something in the context of each other’s blogs.

As with all the posts in this series, be sure to check out the Athletes Helping Athletes foundation, and consider donating. They are fighting for a great cause that you will hear a lot about from me over the next few weeks.



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