UFC Memes: McGregor vs Aldo

Whats up fight fans! This week we are taking a look at a couple of memes that came out after Conor McGregor’s iconic 13 second, knockout victory over Jose Aldo at UFC 194. McGregor’s knockout sent shock waves through the world of sports media, so it was only a matter of time before great memes were born. For this breakdown we are going to take a look at one of the most iconic memes, and how it can be applied to the world of MMA.

The Crying Jordan

If the meme community had a Mt. Rushmore, the Crying Jordan Face is on it. According to the Know Your Meme Database, this meme stems from a speech made by Jordan in 2009. Three years later the speech took on a new life as the now iconic photo of Jordan was used in comedic fashion. The head shot has been used countless times, in a variety of situations. Aldo’s stunning defeat was unable to avoid the meme-ing.



brazil sadlatintimes.com

The first of these meme’s overlays the Crying Jordan Face over Jose Aldo at the moment McGregor’s KO punch connected. At this moment, his multi-year reign as featherweight champion ended. For this you can see why the Crying Jordan would apply. The second takes this concept to a much larger scale, placing the Crying Jordan over the Christ the Redeemer statue, which overlooks Rio de Janeiro. This meme essentially slaps the Crying Jordan over the entire country of Brazil, Aldo’s home country.

These memes are relevant to the audience because they bring humor to one of the turning points in MMA history, the crowning of Conor McGregor as champion. This moment catapulted McGregor from MMA superstar, to global sports icon.

The underlying memetic concepts behind these memes allow the first to give immediate satisfaction the audience. The second is harder to decipher, but applies to a larger audience. The night of the fight, both of these memes surfaced online, to much approval from McGregor’s loyal fans. The timing of these posts definitely helped get more buzz, as memes, like news, are constantly being updated.

There are plenty of MMA Media sites that use meme’s to get their message out because, lets face it, memes are hilarious. They bring comedic light to an ultra-violent sport. This lighter side of things is always refreshing, so plenty of sites, blogs, and social media accounts create and share memes around the community.

The memes chose are user created, but there have been examples in the past of MMA memes with promotional intention. Namely, ahead of UFC 205 in New York City, the UFC twitter account¬†encouraged the use of GIFs to express feelings about the upcoming fights. They even went as far as to cross promote with GIF sharing site “giphy” to create GIFs for twitter followers to use. This was a major example of the UFC encouraging fans to create and share memes.

In 2017 it is entirely apparent that memes are a part of our culture, popping up infinitely on our social media time lines. At this point they are as much a part of sports media as the outcomes of the events themselves.


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