FKMMA Podcast Episode 2!

What’s up fight fans!

As you may or may not already know, I have partnered with Casey Murphy of Women’s Soccer Around the World, Danielle Keller of Fitness & Lifestyle, and Elizabeth Cerreto All Things Cheer. Together, we are using our background on sports to collaborate on posts promoting the Athletes Helping Athletes foundation. This here is my contribution to our effort.

In addition to this post, you will be able to read this over on Casey Murphy’s Women’s Soccer Around the World site very soon. You will also be able to read a guest post from All Things Cheer. I highly recommend you check out both of these posts, as well as  Fitness & Lifestyle, as all three share great insight to their respective sports.

With all that being said, this week’s podcast takes a bit of a different approach. Rather than looking at MMA news, or breaking down a fight card, this week we will be taking a look at a few of MMA’s top stars’ charitable efforts.

Music: Enthusiast by Tours, from FreeMusicArchive.Org (CC BY 3.0)

Brian Stann, Frankie Edgar, and Conor McGregor, along with a number of other MMA fighters have done a lot to help some great charities around the world, and I felt it would be appropriate to recognize them as we help address the Athletes Helping Athletes foundation.

Again, if you’re unfamiliar with AHA they help special needs students in the Pennsylvania area get the resources they need to enjoy sports. They really are doing a great job introducing new athletes to athletics, and I am honored to shine some light on them.

If you are looking to support AHA, or just want to learn more about them, you can visit their website.

If you enjoyed this podcast, leave a comment and let me know! This was a bit of a different route for me, but I hope you found it as interesting as I did.

As always thanks for being a supporter, and be sure to stay tuned here to Flying Knee MMA for a special guest post by  All Things Cheer‘s Elizabeth Cerreto.


FKMMA Podcast Episode 1! Matt Hughes+ UFC Brasil Recap + UFC London Preview

This week on the blog I am introducing the very first full episode of the FKMMA podcast! this will soon become a weekly part of the Flying Knee MMA world. Each week we will take a look at the top story in the world of Mixed Martial arts, as well as a breakdown of the most recent fight card. At the end of each show I will give my picks for the next weekends biggest fights.

Music: Enthusiast by Tours, from FreeMusicArchive.Org (CC BY 3.0)

This week we take a deeper look into the breaking news that UFC legend Matt Hughes is pursuing a return to Mixed Martial Arts. We then broke down the top fights at last weekend’s UFC Fight Night Fortaleza, before previewing the upcoming UFC London card.

In the future I look forward to connecting with both experienced MMA fans  and fans looking to get into the sport alike. A fans perspective on the sport is something that has not yet reached the mainstream of MMA podcasts, so that is what I aim to accomplish.

Podcast Intro: Learning About Audio

This week on the blog I am introducing an audio channel. This SoundCloud page will be the home of weekly Flying Knee Podcast episodes, featuring your host, me, T.J. Hitchings. This will eventually become a weekly discussion hour where the hottest news and current events in the sport will be broken down from the fans perspective. I am very excited to begin this portion of the site, as podcasting has become one of the most popular mediums of sports and entertainment media. Below is a quick intro to what this podcast will contain, and why I am starting it.

Music: Enthusiast by Tours, from FreeMusicArchive.Org (CC BY 3.0)

Creating this podcast has been an interesting experience so far. I have never been a fan of listening to my own voice, but this venture will force me to get over that. Listening to podcast’s like “The MMA Hour”, “The Fighter and the Kid”, and “The Joe Rogan Experience”, I have picked up on a lot of tips for how a good podcast should sound. I am excited to get to work on hot topics to start each week’s show, as well as looking ahead to the next major MMA fight card.  Using SoundCloud as a host service I will be able to share my audio tracks across a number of social media outlets, as well as here on the FKMMA home page.

Using Audacity to record the intro was not a struggle for me as I have experience recording with it in the past. I enjoy the editing process and actually find it quite therapeutic. I am so excited for whats to come with this podcast, and I really feel it will be the standout piece from this site.

Next week on the podcast I’ll be breaking down the UFC 209 fight card, headlined by Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson. Be sure to check back to on the FKMMA homepage to be the first one to hear it!